Research Program

Mt. Cimone is the highest peak of the Italian northern Apennines and is characterised by a 360° free horizon. As being located South of the Alps and of the polluted Po basin, the observations of atmospheric composition conducted at the ICO-OV, provide useful information for evaluating the role of regional and long-range transport processes in modifying the tropospheric background conditions of the Mediterranean basin/Southern Europe. Moreover, this long-term monitoring activity helps in quantifying the existing trend of climate-altering substances and atmospheric pollutants. Thus, the measurements conducted at this station can provide useful hints to accurately investigate atmospheric background conditions and environmental change (both on short and longer temporal scales). In this section, we provide a list of short introductions and summaries about the principal research topcs and scientific programmes hosted at ICO-OV.

Mt. Cimone: surface O3, accumulation (0.3 μm ≤ Dp ≤ 1 μm; grey) and coarse (1 μm ≤ Dp≤ 20 μm; black) particle number, equivalent black carbon, HFC-125 (black), CH3CCl3 (grey), and 7Be, time series (all data are expressed as daily mean values).