Carbon monoxide (NDIR)

Starting date: 16-6-2012
Status: Stopped
Instrumentation and calibration: Carbon monoxide is measured by using a non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) analyser (Thermo Scientific TEI 48C-TL). Two CO standards (approx. 10 ppm, synthetic air, Messer Italia) are used to calibrate the instrument with a dilution system. Span check are daily performed, while zero checks (by using Sofnocat 423) are performed every 30 minutes
Project affiliation (s) Present: GAW-WMO, NextData Past: SHARE, MACC-2-
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Why is this research important? Carbon Monoxide (CO) plays an important role in the oxidation/reduction chemistry of the atmosphere. Therefore, CO distributions and trends are key variables for improving our understanding of the Earth's present and future atmosphere. CO has an indirect radiative forcing effect by influencing atmospheric mixing ratios of methane and tropospheric ozone through chemical reactions with other atmospheric constituents (e.g. the hydroxyl radical OH) that would otherwise destroy them. Through natural processes in the atmosphere, CO is eventually oxidized to carbon dioxide. Co represents a useful tracer for combustion emissions (biomass burning, residential, traffic,...)
Quick look The CO mixing ratio recorded at ICO-OV during June - December 2012 by the NDIR instrument was characterised by a mean value of 117.6 nmol/mol

Time-series of hourly CO mean values at ICO-OV by the NDIR instrument.

Organization (s): ISAC-CNR Via Gobetti 101, I-40129, Bologna
Contact persons: Dr. Paolo Cristofanelli e-mail: p.cristofanelli [at] phone: +39 051 6399597
Where can I find the data? World Data Centre for Greenhouse Gases (WDCGG) or by direct request to: p.cristofanelli [at]