Laboratories and Facilities

ICO-OV offers the possibility to use an equipped infrastructure to make an accurate investigation of the processes affecting atmospheric background composition. In particular, ICO-OV is composed by a trace gas laboratory (first floor), an aerosol laboratory (ground floor) and a greenhouse gas laboratory (ground floor). Two specific-designed intakes for trace gas and aerosol allow continuous air-sampling even during extreme weather conditions. Two high volume samplers for PM-10 and PM-10/PM-1 are accommodate in a specific designed shelter. The terrace (about 40 m2) is equipped for hosting external experimental activity and a small chemistry laboratory permits a clean treatment of collected samplings.

Two bedrooms (6 beds), toilettes and a small kitchen allow for long stays at the station. This makes possible for scientists working at ICO-OV to continuously look after complex instrumentation during intensive field campaign. The observatory runs by electric energy (220 V AC, 50 Hz) and a set of UPS operate in emergency conditions for about 36 hours (depending on power consumption). Continuous fast internet connection is available thanks to a satellite connection provided by the Emilia-Romagna Region's telematic network (Lepida S.p.A.). Internal LAN and WI-FI are also available on-site.